Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Nigeria Premium Domain names for sale

 DomainMarket is the leading marketplace for buying and selling domain names and websites in Nigeria.
 Domain Sellers and website, business owners meet for perfect transaction.
 Domain Sellers can also list their domains and offer it to thousands of potential buyers for free.
Nigeria domain names from .com.ng to .ng is a gold mile untapped.
About 90 million active  Nigerians browse internet everyday with their phone and computer, that is to tell you that there's a bright future online.
Sites like Konga and Jumia have made a hell of money on online selling goods like phones,shoes,tv, almost everything you can buy on the street.
Its only the wise Nigerians can invest on Nigeria domain names, Nigeria online real estate ( domain names) is still virgin today so you have to start taking your chances to build and secure future for your self and your family.
With just 10 Nigerian premium domain names your future is secured in next 5 to 10 years your will make more than 1 to 2 million each.
For a website owner in Nigeria you can give your site some upgrade with Nigeria premium domain,so  that search engine ranking will be fair with your site.

Domain Selling Tips

  1. Get a domain appraisal. It is always difficult to price a domain when you’re new at selling domain names. We recommend that you ask DomainMarket to do a domain appraisal so that you can be assured that your domain is being sold at the right price. So many sellers are afraid that they will sell their domains for too little. Let us do an evaluation and determine a value according to market factors such as competitors, domain length, market trends, keywords etc. Please note that domain appraisals are $10  or  #2500per domain.
  2. Amend the WHOIS information on your domain. Let people know that the domain is for sale. When registrars do a domain search for your domain on the WHOIS directory, they can easily see that the domain is for sale. This dramatically increases your chance of finding the right buyer. You could update the Admin Contact to read: “Your Name (This domain is for sale at NigeriaDomainMarket.blogpost.com)
  3. Let visitors of your domain know that your domain is for sale at NigeriaDomainMarket.blogpost.com
  4. Place a heading on your parked page that links to DomainMarket’s page where your domain is sold.
  5. Reply to every offer you receive from potential buyers. Even if the offer is very low. You might find it insulting but remember that the buyer is probably testing the waters and don’t want to put to high of an offer at first. Reply to the offer and quote a much higher price in return so that you and the buyer can find a middle ground. If the buyer offered the price which you asked for it is advisable to accept the offer.

How to choose Domain

  1. Easy to remember. They are shorter and catchier domains that are easier to remember which makes it easy for visitors to find and return to your website.
  2. Improved Search Engine Ranking. Domain names that consist of keywords are far more likely to gain top positions on search engines for those keywords. Do a few searches on Google and you’ll find that most of the top positions are websites with domains that consist of the keywords searched for. Therefore generic keyword domains have a great advantage over non-generic keyword domains.
  3. Better Branding. Short generic keyword domains give an image of prestige and credibility. Many companies purchase these domains to compliment their brands. Users are more likely to place an order or use a service of a company with a domain name like vacation.com.ng for example, rather than EasyVacation4U..com.ng
  4. Generate More Traffic. So many internet users are searching for a keyword and adding the .com.ng at the end. Therefore so many generic keyword domains receive thousands of visitors who search that way or typing the keyword domain directly in the browser. The user still finds exactly what he/she is looking for because the website is 100% relevant to what they searched for.
  5. It is an investment. A premium domain is a great asset to invest in. The Nigeria internet market is still very small. The value of premium domains is constantly rising. Smart investors see this opportunity and know that they will be able to sell these domains for a great profit.




































Recent Sales

insurance.com.ngJanuary 2015$ 7,000.00 USD
pizza.com.ngApril 2012€ 2,200.00 EUR
diet.com.ngJanuary 2013$ 2,312.00 USD
epharmacy.com.ngJanuary 2015$ 2,278.00 USD
soccer.com.ngJanuary 2013$ 1,738.00 USD
photos.com.ngJanuary 2013$ 1,675.00 USD
software.com.ngJanuary 2013€ 1,250.00 EUR
book.com.ngJanuary 2013$ 1,000.00 USD
email.com.ngNovember 2012$ 1,000.00 USD
poker.com.ngJanuary 2013$ 900.00 USD
cars.com.ngMarch 2012$ 800.00 USD
www.com.ngJanuary 2016$ 460.00 USD
Total price amount in this set of 12 domain name sales is 22,927.88 USD; average price is 1,910.66 USD.

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