How to sell Domain

Sell your domain today here on Nigeria’s largest and leading domain marketplace free of charge.
You can list and sell as many domains as you would like as long as you’re the owner of the domains. Then all you need to do is to wait for an offer. We will contact you as soon as you received an offer.

How much does it cost to list a domain for sale?

Listing domains on DomainMarket is completely free. We work on a commission basis and therefore you are only charged when we successfully find a buyer for your domain. DomainMarket’s commission fee is 10% of the domain price.
If you would like to enjoy great exposure to all investors and other potential buyers we recommend that you list your domain on DomainMarket

How do I sell a domain on DomainMarket?

You can list your domains which you would like to sell by sending a request from the Contact Us page. When DomainMarket receives your request they will validate the ownership of the domain. They might also ask for proof of ownership when it is unclear that you are the owner of the domain.
Your domain will then be listed. When DomainMarket receives an offer from a potential buyer they will contact you immediately. If you decide to accept the offer DomainMarket will inform the buyer and request for meeting to sell the domain.

Domain Selling Tips

  1. Get a domain appraisal. It is always difficult to price a domain when you’re new at selling domain names. We recommend that you ask DomainMarket to do a domain appraisal so that you can be assured that your domain is being sold at the right price. So many sellers are afraid that they will sell their domains for too little. Let us do an evaluation and determine a value according to market factors such as competitors, domain length, market trends, keywords etc. Please note that domain appraisals are $10  or  #2500per domain.
  2. Amend the WHOIS information on your domain. Let people know that the domain is for sale. When registrars do a domain search for your domain on the WHOIS directory, they can easily see that the domain is for sale. This dramatically increases your chance of finding the right buyer. You could update the Admin Contact to read: “Your Name (This domain is for sale at
  3. Let visitors of your domain know that your domain is for sale at
  4. Place a heading on your parked page that links to DomainMarket’s page where your domain is sold.
  5. Reply to every offer you receive from potential buyers. Even if the offer is very low. You might find it insulting but remember that the buyer is probably testing the waters and don’t want to put to high of an offer at first. Reply to the offer and quote a much higher price in return so that you and the buyer can find a middle ground. If the buyer offered the price which you asked for it is advisable to accept the offer.

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