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  Sunday Folayan, NiRA President
Sunday Folayan, NiRA President
The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) said domain names have proven to be in high demand in this present age of ICT business, as many individuals and/or corporate bodies invest huge amounts of money on domain names which in turn generates huge profit.
NiRA said in its e-newsletter that is why individuals and organisations do not need to be the next Google to start making money online.
It is very obvious that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has contributed highly to the growth of the world's economy.
With electronic payment, more businesses are now conducted on the Internet, which makes it easy to expand one’s business beyond one’s locality.

According to NiRA, thousands of people are generating income and making good profit by investing on .ng domain names, because it boosts their visibility especially in Nigeria, promote local content and gives their domain name that desired uniqueness. For example, domain names like,, etc.
There are ways you can invest on .ng domain names which include: and of .ng domain names either as a NiRA Accredited Registrar or Reseller to any of the Accredited Registrars .ng domain names
As individuals, invest in .ng domains, register a .ng domain name, profit from the vast .ng availability and commercial opportunities.
Buying/Selling of .NG domain names
Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA), the Registry and manager of .NG domain names has a number of Accredited Registrars that market and sell .NG domain names.
These Registrars may choose to employ the services of re-sellers who also sell .NG domain names on their behalf to the Registrants or end-users. Registrars who register domain names at the NiRA Registry provide additional services to the Registrants to boost their patronage and business.
Registrants have options when buying already registered domain names, namely from:
Domain Marketplace: This is where domain name owners list their domain names for sale. These domain names are purchased according to the owner’s terms and conditions.
Expired domains names may also be auctioned here for buyers to compete.
Domain Broker: A domain broker can help you secure your desired .NG domain names, and save you from price inflation and time wastage when you need it.
Most Organizations/Establishment use this method to avoid cybersquatting on their domain names.
Direct contact with the owner of the domain name can help you cut out the middle man thereby reducing the cost of purchase.
The contact information of the owner can be looked up on WHOIS, via the NiRA website,
Developing .NG domain names
This is a potentially rewarding way of making profits from domain names. This can be done by creating full featured websites on the purchased domain names. All .NG domain names have the potential to be valuable.
One way to create value in a domain name is by adding useful content to the site to attract traffic. Obviously this is more challenging compared to buying/selling of domain names as you need to add value to your domain names by putting some content on the website, depending on what you want to do.
You will also need to handle the technical requirements of maintaining the website.
Individual Investment in .ng domain
As an individual, you can invest in .ng domain names as the opportunities are vast. Thousands of people are generating income by investing in .ng domain names. Domain names are Internet real estate, replacing land with virtual property.
Domain names can be bought, generate residual income and developed to increase their value.
Thus, investing in .nG domain names is a great business opportunity. The awareness is increasing and more people are starting to recognize the value of a good domain name and how it can generate income.



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